The right way to Do Aspect Leg Raises for an Additional Booty Enhance


Though it appears like a easy transfer, the facet leg elevate packs a whole lot of advantages.

Not solely is it versatile sufficient to be carried out wherever — even throughout a Netflix binge — but it surely additionally helps “activate” your glutes, which help throughout different workout routines like squats and lunges.

That may additionally assist with each day exercise, particularly in stopping decrease again ache, in accordance with yoga instructor and coach Samantha Parker, E-RYT, CPT.

“Activating and strengthening the glutes offers help to the pelvis, which might help lower and even forestall again ache (relying on its supply),” she says. “On the identical time, this additionally helps to ‘raise’ the butt, so that you get a stronger bottom.”

Right here’s tips on how to do facet leg raises with excellent type.

Mendacity Aspect Leg Raises: Step-by-Step Directions

  • Lie in your proper facet together with your toes and hips stacked, your legs straight, and your head resting in your proper arm.
  • Maintaining your core engaged, slowly raise your prime leg till you are feeling your hips start to tilt upward.
  • Pause, after which decrease your prime leg to the beginning place. Full all reps after which swap sides, performing equal reps on each.

Make it tougher: To make facet leg raises tougher, loop a resistance band round your thighs, simply above your knees, to additional problem your energy. Or you may maintain your legs collectively and raise them each off the mat concurrently, which can interact the adductors of the underside leg.

Kind suggestions: When lifting and decreasing your prime leg, the slower you progress, the tougher your muscle tissues might be working, Parker says. Go too quick, and also you’ll be utilizing momentum as an alternative of energy.

She additionally suggests being conscious of activating your abdominals. It will assist interact your core, and in addition restrict the quantity of motion in your torso, isolating the muscle tissues extra successfully.

What Muscle tissues Does a Aspect Leg Increase Work?

Since you’re working towards gravity and making an attempt to keep up stability, facet leg raises make for nice body weight energy coaching, particularly in your hips, glutes, and core, in accordance with Parker.

Right here’s what’s firing:

  • Glutes: The muscle tissues of your butt not solely assist you to throughout squats and lunges, they assist abduct your legs (transfer them out to the edges), notably the gluteus medius and gluteus minimus.
  • Inside thighs: Within the case of the twin mendacity facet leg elevate, the adductors (the muscle tissues of your interior thighs) of your backside leg will get loads of work lifting it.

Alternate options to the Mendacity Aspect Leg Raises

For some folks, the mendacity facet leg elevate could exacerbate a hip concern, or just put on out its welcome. With that in thoughts, Parker suggests just a few different methods to get the advantages.


Lie down in your facet identical as in the usual leg elevate, however together with your hips and knees bent. Then elevate your prime knee so far as you may with out rotating your hip or lifting your backside knee.

Standing leg elevate

Stand tall and use a wall, chair, or countertop for steadiness, sustaining a straight backbone as you raise a leg out to the facet.

Fireplace hydrant

How to Do the Fire Hydrant Exercise With Perfect Form

Get on all fours and lift one bent leg out to the facet at a time. Add a resistance band for a further problem.


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