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Variations Between Prozac vs Zoloft

The primary distinction between Zoloft and Prozac is their half-life — the time it takes for every antidepressant drug to depart your system after you are taking it. The half-life of Prozac is longer than that of Zoloft. In the event you miss a dose or cease taking both antidepressant treatment abruptly, the consequences could last more with Prozac than with Zoloft. 

Each medicine may trigger weight adjustments. Nonetheless, the primary distinction between Zoloft and Prozac is that suggests weight achieve is likely to be extra pronounced with Prozac than. 

Lastly, when taken throughout being pregnant or breastfeeding, there could also be an elevated danger for congenital disabilities related to utilizing Prozac in comparison with different SSRIs. Taking tends to be the most secure antidepressant choice.

Situations they deal with

Zoloft and Prozac have been first authorized to handle .

Apart from being a , the FDA additionally to deal with different circumstances, together with: 

Zoloft may also be used off-label to deal with anxiousness, physique dysmorphia, and binge consuming dysfunction. 

Prozac is : 

  • Remedy-resistant despair
  • Obsessive-compulsive dysfunction
  • Panic dysfunction 
  • Bulimia nervosa

Generally, Prozac is utilized in mixture with different medicine to deal with bipolar dysfunction.  

Is Zoloft higher for anxiousness signs than Prozac?

Each medicine can successfully deal with anxiousness problems corresponding to social anxiousness or generalized anxiousness dysfunction (GAD). Nonetheless, there isn’t conclusive proof that one is best than the opposite for treating . 

means that Zoloft and Prozac have equal efficacy in treating main despair with excessive anxiousness. Discuss along with your physician about which treatment is likely to be greatest to deal with your anxiousness signs

Dosage quantity

The beneficial dosage quantity varies relying on the situation and elements like age or weight. Most docs begin individuals off at decrease doses when prescribing both antidepressant drug, then steadily improve the quantity if wanted. It’s essential to not exceed the beneficial dose with out consulting your physician first, since doing so might result in severe unintended effects and even an overdose. The everyday dosage for every is:

  • Prozac – Beginning: 20mg/day; Upkeep: 20 – 60 mg/day
  • Zoloft – Beginning: 50mg/day; Upkeep: 50 – 200 mg/day

Who can take Prozac vs Zoloft

When taking a look at Zoloft versus Prozac, each medicines are usually thought-about protected for adults. Potential dangers are related to use in youthful individuals, together with suicidal ideas or habits adjustments. Pregnant girls ought to keep away from taking these medicine until they focus on them with their physician first. Likewise, breastfeeding girls ought to focus on these medicine with their physician.

Negative effects

Widespread Prozac and embrace nausea, headache, insomnia, dry mouth, sexual dysfunction, fatigue, drowsiness, and agitation/anxiousness. 

Extra extreme frequent unintended effects could embrace an of suicide makes an attempt in younger adults and seizures or allergic reactions that require instant medical consideration. 

If any uncommon signs happen whereas taking both treatment, discuss to your healthcare supplier instantly to allow them to regulate your dosage if wanted.

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