Update: Lovely lost over 100 pounds

Transformation of the Day Update: Lovely lost over 100 pounds. We’ve followed her story since 2020. After reaching her weight loss goal, she became pregnant with her second child. In this update, she shares how she restarted her health/wellness journey and got results post-pregnancy.

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I am a 31-year-old mother of two kiddos. I am 5’7″ and currently weigh 179 pounds. 

Weight loss is not new to me. Years ago, I decided to commit to my weight loss journey and loss over 100lbs. I was ecstatic. It was such a proud moment for me. I originally started my weight loss journey at 265 lbs and reached my goal of 150 lbs. 

Then, I became pregnant with my second baby. Seeing how fitness made me feel so good, I decided to remain active throughout my whole pregnancy. It definitely helped and made the delivery process a lot bearable. I was in labor for less than two hours, and I genuinely feel that working out helped a lot compared to my first baby (when I didn’t work out at all). 

Postpartum was the hardest to recover from. After delivering baby number two, it seemed almost impossible to lose weight. I tried different diets, and the workouts I did in the past were not as effective anymore. 

I wanted to give up, but then I started working with a nutritionist and slowly started pelvic floor workouts. I also started walking 30 minutes on the treadmill, walking in the morning, pushing my kiddos in the stroller, and then results started coming in. My goal was to get at least 10k steps a day, drink my water, and eat a high-protein diet. It is a hard and long process. 

If you are following a plan, I highly recommend you remain consistent throughout it all and be patient. Eventually, the results will come. If a single mother coming out of an abusive relationship mother like me can do it, then I have no doubt that you, too, can overcome it. 

The goal is to keep pushing forward regardless of any obstacles or challenges. In the end, the results will show. Results don’t lie; as long as you keep putting in the work, you will enjoy your results and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Now my kids come to the gym with me, and they love it- our gym has kid fit, and that is one thing we do as a family daily. I hope my story encouraged you to take on your fitness journey or continue your journey and remain strong.

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