Update: Kwyonnica lost 220 pounds

Transformation of the Day: We featured Kwyonnica Recently, we asked her to share how she has worked to maintain her results and what she has learned through the journey.

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What is your current weight? 210 pounds.

How have you maintained your weight loss/continued to lose weight?
I’m currently in maintenance. I’m ok if I don’t lose another pound. I call this my happy, healthy weight. I’m ok with that. 

The goal was never a number. I’ve lost over 200 pounds, but what I’ve learned in the process… While I’m so proud of the weight loss, I think I’m more amazed and grateful for the non-scale victories and lessons I’ve learned along the way. 

What has worked in terms of eating habits, and what has worked in terms of exercise?
The biggest thing for me has been focusing on healthy habits. I don’t count calories. I fuel my body with good food and move my body 4-5 days a week.

Looking back on the lessons you’ve learned on your journey, which one stands out the most?

  1. Weight loss is more than the numbers on the scale. I found more joy and satisfaction in the non-scale victories.
  2. I look better and, don’t get me wrong, that’s amazing. More importantly, I FEEL better. That is the catalyst that has propelled the most change in my life. 
  3. Losing weight was not the magic wand I thought would make my life better. I am healthier and happier, but this doesn’t make anything in life less hard or suck less.  
  4. Having weight loss surgery is MOST definitely not the easy way out. It’s a tool. I have to work hard and continue to choose what I want EVERY SINGLE DAY 

Would you like to offer any new or different advice to women who want to lose weight?
The “I”ll just start that when___” mentality is bull. There is no perfect time to start or stop something because life is too short and precious to wait one more second. We are all worthy of what we want or need – and those things are never just handed to you easy peasy. You have to choose it! 

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