Unifying Excellence with Strategic Partnerships: Cisco Black Belt Academy and VQ Communications

Embark on an enhanced learning journey with the Cisco Black Belt Academy—a transformative platform designed to give you a competitive edge in the dynamic Cisco ecosystem. Our mission is to empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to confidently interact with customers and drive successful sales.

Building on the momentum of VQ’s integration into the Black Belt Academy, we’re thrilled to announce comprehensive updates to our trainings, featuring the latest insights on VQ Conference Manager DMA and our innovative self-service app, VQ Conference Manager Metro.

The collaboration between Cisco and VQ Communications is not just about solving customer problems—it’s about creating opportunities for stronger sales. Here’s why:

A Powerful Partnership for Customer Solutions

The VQ Conference Manager platform is crucial for customers demanding on-premise, mission-critical conferencing on Cisco infrastructure and devices. Integrating VQ Conference Manager’s Meeting Services with Cisco’s CMS offers a robust, secure, and comprehensive system for configuration, call scheduling, call management, and detailed analytics.

VQ Conference Manager DMA (Device Management and Automation) is the Cisco-endorsed successor to TMS. When customers opt for DMA, it not only replaces their Cisco TMS but also encourages additional sales of Cisco endpoints as they upgrade or expand their device inventory.

VQ Conference Manage Metro meets the needs of customers who need a secure, on-premise app, which enables users to host or join video and audio conferences on Cisco infrastructure, from just about anywhere, using virtually any device.

Enhancing Sales Value and Strategic Strength

Incorporating both Cisco infrastructure and VQ Conference Manager into customer solutions not only addresses their problems more completely but also increases the value of each sale. This strategy underscores the robust partnership between Cisco and VQ Communications.

To quote VQ’s CEO, “The response to VQ Conference Manager DMA and Metro has been phenomenal from our customer base, both tenured and new, resulting in robust sales and an ever-expanding pipeline.”

Committed to Your Success

We are invested in your success and are excited to see how these enhancements will empower you to achieve greater results. As the technology solutions landscape evolves, so should your expertise. With these new updates, you are better positioned than ever to lead in this space. We encourage you to embrace these opportunities and join us in driving innovation in collaborative solutions.



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