Start Your Engines – BionicOldGuy

This is the title of Sam Briggs’ autobiography. She was Crossfit champion in 2013 and champion in the 40-44 age group this year. She has multiple other accomplishments in Crossfit and has shown remarkable longevity in the sport. She was is also a former British national indoor rowing champion, and her book is very inspiring. I don’t actually do Crossfit myself, although I work elements of their philosophy into my training, but I derive a lot of motivation reading about Crossfit athletes. First of all they just do plain hard training. Also, they heavily emphasize upper body training, both for strength and endurance, and I need inspiration in that area as it is not a strong point for me.

Sam participated in various sports growing up, and was a firefighter for several years which also emphasized physical capacity. Training with fellow firefighters also led to discovering Crossfit, which turned out to be a sport that suited her very well. She has the nickname “the engine” because of her superlative aerobic capabilities. I highly recommend this book for inspiration.

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