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Update: Sharmeen lost 34 more pounds for a total of 108 lbs gone. I‘ve followed . Faith, being mindful of her calorie intake, and staying active have been major factors on her successful journey.

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What is your current weight?
Current weight: 207 pounds

Starting weight: 315 pounds

I’ve lost an additional 34 lbs!! I lost 99lbs via calorie counting & exercise. I recently lost 9 lbs after starting Mounjaro injections 3 months ago. That’s 108 pounds gone forever!

How have you maintained your weight loss/continued to lose weight?
I’ve maintained my weight loss by continuing to be mindful of my calorie intake and remaining active most days. I realized my level of consistency was not doable for me long term and with changes in my schedule. It caused me to plateau. 

My doctor suggested Mounjaro to help jumpstart my weight loss again. And although I was able to stop taking my diabetic pills with my initial weight loss, the injections have helped maintain a healthy A1C.

Looking back on the lessons you’ve learned on your journey, which one stands out most?
The biggest lesson was to not be so hard on myself!  I learned to embrace the failures and setbacks as a learning opportunity, and that it’s ok to be proud of myself.  It doesn’t take away from me being modest or humble. 

Would you like to offer women any new or different advice to women who want to lose weight?
Document your journey – Take pictures every week, record your weight weekly, and journal all your thoughts, emotions, and cravings.

Finally, I’m very Christ led so my Faith in addition to professional therapy has helped me see my worth regardless of what the scale says. Find whatever centers you and gives you peace.

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