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Tidbits of life lately!

Rosé Thursday

My friend Sean is a musician and has a song that you must listen to called ! It inspired this glass of rosé I had while out with friends one Thursday. We went to ACAC for Afterburn and then to the Quirk Rooftop on the first 80 degree day of the spring. It was beautiful up there! 

Afterwards we were convinced to go to South & Central to try Bachata dancing! Fabi in the front gave us a great lesson. I thought it was much easier than cha-cha. 

Sweethaus –> Vivi’s

Remember Sweethaus cupcakes from the blog posts of yesteryear?

Sweethaus is back on the downtown mall! A few years ago they rebranded to Vivi’s Cakes and Candy, but the cupcakes are the same recipes you know and love! I was there the day after they opened the new space, ready to say hi to Billy and enjoy some of that cookie dough frosting – drool!! They’ve been through a series of unfortunate location changes, and it sounds like this one is here to stay. 

These boys enjoyed every bite!


Another new shop in town is the new Argentinean coffee shop and bakery: I went on a Saturday after my workout class and before Birch and I hit up the Dogwood Parade! 

I loved the presentation with the special touches and sparkling water. Everything was delicious. Birch even ate the ham and cheese empanada! 

Dogwood Parade

Just down the street we watched the Dogwood Parade. B enjoyed the tossed candy : ) 

Anne P Visit!

Another visit – Anne P came to town! We met up for brunch with her friends on their way to a girls’ weekend vineyard extravaganza. 

This was my first visit to and I am now a fan!

Warm Weather Fun

Now that the weather is more conducive to being outdoors, we’ve been spending more time outside! 

Walking at the Boar’s Head Lake

Birch’s school picnic

Hiking with Grampa 

Front Porch Sittin

Where the Green Grass Doesn’t Grow

We’re working on the backyard soon to hopefully fix this dead hill once and for all. Thomas is going to have the bad rocky soil excavated and re-done. Yardwork is never-ending! 

Kath Eats Real Food

The Rest Of the Story

We just got for Gus to use in the living room. This is “his spot” on the corner of the carpet closest to the door. It’s low-profile enough for it to be out in the open and soft enough that he really likes it. It’s also protecting , so that’s a win-win! 

Highlights x2!

Mazen and I both got our hair highlighted lately : ) 

Kindergarten Bound

Birch would like to share the world maps he made in school this year! They are very impressive. 

This young lad is registered for public school kindergarten! He’s basically 5 going on 15 in this outfit. 

And both boys have new to wear to the golf course and out to dinner! These are THE BEST soft sports polos! Thanks to the company for sending them <3 Get 25% off your order with ! 

Here he is heading to school on picture day in his favorite one. Yes he still chills in the stroller, but he walks the final stretch. This might be his last little bit of strollering! 

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