Precision Gas 90 vs. SiS Beta, All Carbs and Little Else

PF90 vs. SiS Beta Gas – style and consistency

PF90 is available in just one taste, an indistinctive but nice fruity style, nevertheless it has a light aftertaste. Not the horrible variety that requires a chaser, nevertheless it lingers noticeably.

The SiS Beta Gas collection gives Orange and Strawberry & Lime flavors. They style very related, however Strawberry & Lime supplies a tartness kick.

The 2 gels are related in texture, leaning barely to the syrupy facet of the spectrum. PF90 will get the slight edge. However it’s due primarily to its packaging, which I’ll elaborate on under.

PF90 vs. SiS Beta Gas – packaging designs

PF90 is outsized at 16 cm in size. It’s referred to as the Jumbo Gel for a motive. The sachet is resealable through a twist cap, permitting a stomach-friendly manner to absorb extra carbohydrates by “micro-dosing.” Take sips regularly and twist it shut as an alternative of getting to eat a full gel when you’ve torn one open.

Power gels are primarily thick sugary water. It doesn’t matter how the producers tweak the flavour; it should by no means be one thing you’ll contemplate scrumptious. Due to this fact, any possibility that permits you to devour a smaller quantity at a time with out making a large number and sacrificing comfort is a plus.

SiS Beta Gas is 16 cm lengthy as effectively however not practically as huge and ponderous. The packaging is similar to its unique SiS Go Isotonic power gels, so there aren’t any surprises.


As talked about within the earlier section, SiS Beta Gas is a 60 ml gel with 158 energy and 40 g of carbohydrates. It’s so much to gulp down all of sudden. Sadly, its sachet isn’t resealable, so I like to recommend taking your time with it. For instance, eat one-third, run with it in your fingers, take one other third, run some extra, and end the remainder. Your fingers may get a bit sticky, although.

(On a facet notice, good job by SiS on the bundle’s graphic design. It’s trendy and feels very premium.)

Since each sachets are giant, make certain they slot in your operating belts, shorts pockets, and hydration vest compartments.

PF90 will get the win right here.


PF90 vs. SiS Beta Gas – efficiency

Now we have examined each choices extensively for various operating distances and climate situations. Listed here are the professionals and cons once we took them into the sphere.

PF90 execs and cons


  • I used to be in a position to devour 90 g of carbohydrates in an hour by taking smaller sips regularly. When utilizing conventional gels previously, I maxed out at 60-70 g of carbohydrates per hour.
  • Smaller sips additionally show you how to forestall huge blood sugar spikes and troughs.
    It’s a extra constant and steady manner of getting in your carbohydrates.
  • Nonetheless, I’ve additionally taken bigger gulps to get that “surge” feeling forward of a significant climb or throughout low moments in ultramarathons. Not essentially a great factor because it’s in all probability as a result of a spike in blood sugar (what goes up should come down, in spite of everything), however whenever you push your self in these lengthy ordeals, all the pieces goes.
  • Merely put, resealable packaging allows fueling flexibility relying on completely different bodily situations and psychological wants throughout a race.


  • No electrolytes. So for extra extended efforts, please bear in mind to think about hydration and electrolytes.
  • The primary time I used this power gel, I by accident dropped the cap after I tried to screw it again on. I needed to cease and switch round to choose it up. Not excellent for race. The corporate sells a Chunk Valve if you wish to keep away from this subject.
  • The packaging is huge. It doesn’t slot in my operating shorts pocket or the smaller compartments within the entrance of my hydration vest. After I gasoline with PF90, I have to use my compressing operating belt.
  • It’s an excessive amount of carbohydrate and too huge for shorter exercises and races.


SiS Beta Gas execs and cons


  • Nice mouth-to-muscle response. I felt surges inside 5 minutes after consumption. A big blood sugar spike just isn’t sudden whenever you inject 40 g of carbohydrates. So maybe not 100% a professional.
  • The tartness of Strawberry & Lime isn’t unhealthy.
  • The extra carbohydrates in a gel, the less sachets I’ve to deliver and tear open.



  • I discovered it unimaginable to eat it all of sudden. I needed to devour 1 / 4 or a 3rd of it and maintain it whereas operating earlier than ending the remainder. Not an enormous deal, however whenever you’re operating exhausting, little inconveniences may grow to be extra annoying than they need to.
  • Identical to PF90, no electrolytes.
  • 40 g of carbohydrates are so much to eat in a single go. Make sure your abdomen is skilled for it.
  • It doesn’t slot in a few of my fuel-carrying gears.

PF90 versus SiS Beta Gas – the decision

PF90 leans and breaks the tape.

In all honesty, it’s a extremely subjective name. Concerning elements, dietary profile, taste, and my physique’s response, they’re neck and neck.

On account of my new-found desire for micro-dosing power gels, PF90’s packaging design will get high grades from this reviewer.

Some ultimate phrases. It’s nice that analysis has proven that we are able to soak up 90-120 g of carbohydrates per hour, and sports activities diet manufacturers have responded with “Jumbo Gels” and “Tremendous Gels” which can be extra energy-packed than ever. In actuality, consuming considerably extra energy and carbohydrates than earlier than requires “observe.” It’s important to prepare your digestive system and let it adapt to extra gasoline injection.

Each PF90 and SiS Beta Gas are nice merchandise. Simply ensure that your abdomen is prepared.


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