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Guided Biofilm Remedy (GBT) accounts for wonderful success loved by dental clinicians around the globe. They could come from totally different areas and cultures however all of them converse the identical language: The GBT language.

EMS stands for Electro Medical Methods, the market chief in oral prophylaxis and prevention, inventor of the unique applied sciences PIEZON® NO PAIN in addition to AIRFLOW® and pioneer of contemporary biofilm administration with the Guided Biofilm Remedy protocol developed with among the greatest dental professionals on the planet.

This e book portrays the expertise of practitioners across the globe and illustrates how GBT helped them develop into simpler and profitable when it comes to :

▶ Scientific outcomes

▶ Much less invasive therapies and higher nonsurgical periodontal remedy outcomes

▶ A brand new and pain-free affected person expertise

▶ Enhanced work atmosphere for the clinician

▶ Improved recall compliance

▶ Change of philosophy: a extra prevention-driven observe

▶ Enterprise development: your new GBT prophylaxis division works for you

EMS is the inventor of the unique AIRFLOW® and PIEZON® know-how since a few years, and with this eBook we need to carry Guided Biofilm Remedy (GBT) nearer to you.

Obtain the E book EMS GBT Enterprise Circumstances right here

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