Is it okay if my penis is of course pointing to the left and never straight/down?

Thanks in your query. Many individuals have issues about their penis, equivalent to its dimension, size, or form. A slight curve will be regular, and infrequently is. Nevertheless a bigger curve within the penis will be as a result of:

  • A congenital downside, which suggests the particular person was born with it
  • The forming of scar tissue contained in the penis, equivalent to in Peyronie’s illness
  • An harm
  • Or one other situation.

A big curve within the penis can typically trigger ache within the penis, issues urinating (or peeing), issues masturbating, issues ejaculating, issues flattening foreskin (if uncircumcised), or ache with intercourse.

If you happen to discover your penis has a curve it’s necessary to talk to a healthcare supplier to determine if it’s regular, or for those who want remedy.

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