Introducing MyFitnessPal’s GLP-1 Nutrition Plan

Are you using semaglutide medications like Ozempic or Wegovy? Our brand new designed in collaboration with our esteemed may be for you.

A Semaglutide Nutrition Plan Inspired by Real Needs

We surveyed 2000 people aged 18-64 across the United States. 34% of respondents said they would benefit from regular updates or content about GLP-1 medications as related to nutrition. 

Responding to this call for nutrition assistance, we designed our 7-day to be accessible (and free!) for everyone using the MyFitnessPal app.

What Our Semaglutide Nutrition Plan Includes

For MyFitnessPal members navigating weight loss with semaglutide medications, our comprehensive plan offers:

  • Reflective Check-ins: Monitor and reflect on eating patterns and ongoing progress daily to power lasting behavior change.
  • Nutritional Lessons: Gain bite-sized, digestible information highlighting the importance of nutrition during weight loss phases.
  • Actionable Tips: Receive practical daily suggestions to improve your eating habits, including GLP-friendly recipes and more. 

–a foundational member of our Scientific Advisory Council–articulated the urgency of situational nutritional advice, “The weight loss industry is rapidly growing with GLP-1s leading the charge, yet comprehensive semaglutide nutritional guidance remains scarce. It’s crucial for individuals on these medications to have access to tailored nutrition and lifestyle strategies. At MyFitnessPal, we’re filling that gap.”

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