INFRAM24: Measuring your IT strategy and capabilities to drive adoption and improve outcomes

Measuring your IT strategy and capabilities to drive adoption and improve outcomes

The world of healthcare is constantly shifting, and technology is at the spearhead of this continuous transformation. As organizations grapple with the complexities of digital adoption, cybersecurity, and sustainable operations, HIMSS’ Infrastructure Adoption Model (INFRAM) has been updated to meet the need, and lead with data-driven insights and strategic guidance. Cisco enables healthcare leaders to use INFRAM not just as an evaluation tool, but to drive change, mitigate risks, and ensure that technology investments translate into improved care delivery and clinical outcomes.

What’s New with INFRAM

Recently, HIMSS has revised INFRAM to not just look at infrastructure capabilities but to also look at IT strategy, assess technology adoption by internal stakeholders, and measure the direct impacts of infrastructure investments on clinical outcomes and operations. It now allows organizations to understand if their infrastructure capabilities are in line with their overall goals.  This update provides a closer look at the effectiveness of technology investments and identifies opportunities for improvements.

New INFRAM Domains

The updated version of INFRAM addresses 5 crucial aspect of healthcare infrastructure:

  1. Cybersecurity: Data breaches are occurring more frequently and can have a larger effect on patient care and hospital operations than ever before, INFRAM emphasizes establishing robust cybersecurity practices, leveraging AI (Artificial Intelligence) for quick recovery, and aligning organizational efforts to minimize future risks. This domain allows organizations to understand their current capabilities in everything from network identity all the way to endpoint security.
  2. IT Management & Performance: Systematic performance support and change management are critical for adhering to service-level agreements. INFRAM assists in leveraging technology to mitigate incidents and maintain high service standards. This helps the hospital understand their current IT capabilities across transport, wireless, collaboration, and data center for everything from location services all the way to their cloud usage strategy.
  3. Adoption: Ensuring that innovative technologies are not just installed but integrated and optimized for maximum efficiency is vital. INFRAM ensures that patients, clinicians, staff, IT, and leadership reap the full benefits of technological advancements.
  4. Outcomes: Perhaps most importantly, INFRAM provides a framework that aligns IT investments with clinical, financial, and operational objectives, ensuring measurable contributions to organizational goals.
  5. Sustainability: Healthcare organizations are not exempt from the global call for environmental responsibility. INFRAM aids in developing strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprints, aligning healthcare with green initiatives.

Benefits to Healthcare Leaders

Using INFRAM, healthcare leaders can:

  • Measure Value: Adopt an evidence-based approach for investments, gain critical buy-in, and achieve recognition for outcomes.
  • Analyze Gaps: Pinpoint and address friction points in infrastructure development for tailored, strategic investments.
  • Cybersecurity Risk Planning & Mitigation: Implement a proactive, best-practice approach to cybersecurity and establish a clear plan of action in the event of breaches.
  • Build Governance and Drive Adoption: Ensure technology governance that maximizes value and supports care teams in delivering optimal outcomes.
  • Drive Alignment- INFRAM provides a structured approach to evaluate a hospital’s infrastructure and Cisco can help ensure it aligns with the organization’s goals. This allows for cohesion between the Executive, Clinical, Operation and IT teams.


INFRAM is more than an assessment tool; it is a strategic ally for healthcare organizations aiming to harness the power of technology to improve patient care and operational efficiency. As healthcare continues to evolve, INFRAM offers a structured path to navigate the complexities of digital transformation with confidence and clarity. For more insights into how INFRAM can enhance your organization’s technology infrastructure and improve business outcomes, reach out to our CX Healthcare team today.


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