Gluten-Free Flour Information and Easy Substitution Reference

The world of gluten-free baking is each fantastic and difficult – the outcomes , however it could possibly take some trial and error to find the most effective gluten-free flour combos and which flour to make use of and when. Within the , which is fully gluten-free, we’ve got a complete module devoted to gluten-free baking and candy treats! In different phrases, gluten-free flours are necessary to culinary vitamin!

We’ve spent a few years experimenting with each candy and savory gluten-free baked items (a troublesome job, we all know) and have discovered loads alongside the best way. Utilizing this A to Z gluten-free flour information, you possibly can skip the flops and rock-hard gluten-free muffins and go straight to the scrumptiousness.

Crucial factor to find out about working with gluten-free flour choices is that this: you will need to mix a number of flours collectively for the most effective outcomes. Utilizing a singular gluten-free flour will end in these hockey puck cookies that nobody desires to eat. So typically, if you find yourself substituting a gluten-free flour for wheat flour, or a gluten-free flour for one more gluten-free flour, you’ll have to mess around a bit and see what works greatest for you.

With out additional ado, listed below are a few of our well-loved gluten-free flour choices and one of the best ways to make use of them.

gluten-free flour information and substitution reference and mix it up into almond flour. This and different nut flours — equivalent to hazelnut, walnut, pecan and seed flours — add protein, fibre and vibrant style to grain-free and gluten-free baking.

Greatest for: Cookies, desserts, muffins, hearty crusts, pancakes, and crumble toppings. Closely utilized in .

Tips on how to substitute: Use as much as 25% of nut flours in gluten-free flour mixes.

Recipe to Strive: 

Amaranth Flour

What’s it? 

The tiny entire grains that make a shocking breakfast cereal can be floor right into a high quality flour. Amaranth is wealthy in protein and has a grassy, earthy style.

Greatest for: Due its grassy flavour, use it in savory dishes like pizza dough.

Tips on how to substitute: Swap it 1:1 from glutenous flour

Recipe to Strive:

Arrowroot Flour

What’s it?

Arrowroot flour is a high quality flour that comes from the arrowroot plant (you may additionally see it labelled as arrowroot starch or arrowroot powder). It seems to be similar to corn starch, potato starch and tapioca starch.

Greatest for: Use it as a thickener instead of corn, potato or tapioca starch. It’s additionally useful while you want any form of dough to stay collectively.

Tips on how to substitute: Substitute arrowroot flour 1:1 instead of corn, potato or tapioca starch. When utilizing it in baking, purpose to have not more than 20% arrowroot in your gluten-free flour combine.

Recipe to Strive:

Bean Flours

What’s it? 

Dried beans might be floor into flour as simply as grains can.  Chickpea flour — also called garbanzo bean or ceci flour — is used for flatbread within the south of France. Lentil flour exhibits up in Indian delicacies. Fava beans develop into flour and present up in some business gluten-free baking mixes. They’re all wealthy in protein and fibre.

Greatest for: You should use bean flours in each candy and savory dishes, however use them in small doses as their flavour might be overpowering.

Tips on how to substitute: Use as much as 25% of bean flours in gluten-free flour mixes.

Recipe to Strive:

Buckwheat Flour

What’s it?

Buckwheat flour is comprised of floor buckwheat. Has a wealthy, nutty flavour and a really excessive dietary worth, making it well-liked in many countries, particularly in Asia. Buckwheat is the fruit of the buckwheat plant and has no relation to wheat or grasses – so it’s a 100% gluten-free flour.

Greatest for: Muffins, cookies, pancakes, waffles and breads

Tips on how to substitute: Add as much as 50% of buckwheat flour in your gluten-free flour mixes

Recipe to Strive:

Coconut Flour

What’s it?

This gluten-free flour is comprised of coconut that’s been dried and floor. It’s very dense, and it’s essentially the most fibrous of all the flours. That’s why you’ll want so as to add a minimum of an additional 1/4 cup of liquid to your recipes when utilizing it. It’s generally utilized in Paleo eating regimen recipes and pairs greatest with eggs – so it doesn’t at all times work in vegan recipes.

Greatest for: Issues that don’t have to rise very very similar to pancakes, cookies, waffles and crusts

Tips on how to substitute: Coconut flour soaks up quite a lot of liquid, so use 1/4 cup of coconut flour instead of 1 cup glutenous flour (or one other gluten-free flour). You’ll additionally want so as to add an additional 1/4 cup of liquid.

Recipe to Strive:

Millet Flour

What’s it?

Gentle and ever-so-slightly candy, millet is an adaptable grain that’s wealthy in magnesium, nature’s relaxant mineral. It soaks up the tastes of the meals surrounding it, making it a really impartial gluten-free flour to make use of. Millet flour lends a crumbly texture to breads and muffins and is the least allergenic of all of the grains.

Greatest for: Breads, muffins, cookies, desserts, crusts

Tips on how to substitute: Use as much as 25% of millet flour in your gluten-free flour mixes

Recipe to Strive: by

Oat Flour

What’s it?

Oat flour is solely made by grinding entire grain oats within the meals processor or blender. It’s wealthy in soluble fibre and it’s nice for balancing blood sugar ranges. One factor you have to guarantee if utilizing oat flour is that it’s 100% gluten-free. Whereas oats are naturally gluten-free, they’re usually planted and processed alongside wheat, resulting in cross contamination. Purchase licensed gluten-free oats for grinding into flour, or licensed gluten-free oat flour.

Greatest for: Breads, muffins, cookies, desserts, crusts, granola, fruit crisps, scones

Tips on how to substitute: Use as much as 20% of oat flour in your gluten-free flour mixes

Recipe to Strive: 

Quinoa Flour

What’s it? 

As a grain, quinoa is nutty and scrumptious. As a flour, quinoa is slightly bitter. It’s filled with protein, however the texture provides density to gluten-free baked items. Use slightly quinoa flour together with different gluten-free flours for the added protein enhance with out the bitterness. You may as well toast your flour within the oven to amp up the flavour.

Greatest for: Savory baked items like biscuits, flatbreads, zucchini bread or herbed muffins

Tips on how to substitute: As a result of its excessive protein content material, you need to use this 1:1 for wheat flour, however we advocate solely utilizing as much as 25% in baking mixes.

Recipe to Strive:

Rice Flour

What’s it?

When farmers harvest rice, they shuck the grains of its outer husk, that are inedible. What’s left after this course of is brown rice. If the farmer additionally removes the germ and bran from the rice grain, she or he is left with white rice. Brown rice flour is comprised of the primary sort of rice, and white rice flour is produced from the latter. Whether or not it’s brown or white, every sort might be floor into rice flour. It is a nice base for gluten-free baking.

Greatest for: All types of gluten-free baking. May also be used as a thickener in soups, stews, fillings, and many others.

Tips on how to substitute: Swap it 1:1 for glutenous flour or another gluten-free flour. Use as much as half of brown rice flour in gluten-free flour mixes.

Recipe to Strive:

What About Arsenic in Rice Flour?

Arsenic is a heavy metallic discovered naturally in water and soil, and was as soon as generally used as a poison. It’s carcinogenic, and makes its means into rice as a result of rice fields are flooded, giving the grain extra time to soak up it.

Research on rice present that almost all sorts of rice are , and a few merchandise – particularly – have arsenic ranges which are thought of regarding.

Arsenic in rice is one thing to be aware of, however there are a couple of methods to mitigate the potential threat:

  • Rotate by means of completely different gluten-free flours, so that you’re limiting publicity and never consuming rice (or different rice merchandise and rice-based baked items) day by day or a number of instances a day.
  • Basmati rice is decrease in arsenic than different varieties.
  • There are specific that massively decrease the quantity of arsenic.

Study extra about the best way to scale back arsenic in rice in .

Sorghum Flour

What’s it?

Sorghum flour is closest in texture and style to conventional wheat flour of any of the gluten-free flours. In a couple of instances, it really works as a direct substitution for wheat flour, equivalent to in pancakes. It’s additionally excessive in antioxidants.

Greatest for: Muffins, breads, pancakes, crepes, cookies

Tips on how to substitute: Swap it 1:1 for glutenous flour or another gluten-free flour. Use as much as half of sorghum flour in gluten-free flour mixes.

Recipe to Strive:

Tapioca Flour

What’s it?

What we within the West name tapioca comes from a plant initially from Asia referred to as cassava (in South America, it is called manioc). When the basis has been dried, it’s floor into white flour. Tapioca flour is also called tapioca starch. Its starchiness makes it a superb gluten-free flour, nevertheless it have to be utilized in mixture with different flours to make nice baked items.

Greatest for: Mixing into gluten-free flour blends. May also be used as a thickener in soups, stews and fillings.

Tips on how to substitute: Substitute tapioca flour 1:1 instead of corn or potato starch. When utilizing it in baking, purpose to have not more than 20% in your gluten-free flour combine.

Recipe to Strive:

Teff Flour

What’s it?

The tiny seeds of teff make an interesting porridge. Darkish brown as molasses, with a slight style of chocolate, teff porridge will fill you up within the mornings.  As a flour, teff is almost miraculous. The high quality flour — floor from the tiny seeds — nearly dissolves in baking, giving it a barely gelatinous high quality. It binds the baked items in a considerably related style to gluten.

Greatest for: Waffles, banana bread, cookies, muffins

Tips on how to substitute: Substitute 1:1 for different gluten-free flours. When making a flatbread like injera, you need to use 100% teff. Different instances, chances are you’ll wish to use as much as 25% teff in your gluten-free flour mixes.

Recipe to Strive:

Xanthan Gum and Guar Gum

What’s it?

Xanthan gum is utilized in gluten-free baked items, toothpaste, salad dressings and frozen meals as a stabilizer. It binds every thing collectively in a uniform consistency. Solely a tiny quantity (1/2 teaspoon or much less) is sufficient to bind the dough to make cookies and pie crusts.

Guar gum is comprised of dried and floor seeds of the guar plant, which grows in India and Pakistan. It’s usually discovered in lots of processed meals equivalent to business ice lotions and puddings. In small quantities, guar gum could be a considerably efficient binder, mimicking among the results of gluten.

Greatest for:  Gums tend to annoy the digestive system. These are sometimes greatest prevented because of this.

Extra Different Flours

On this information, we featured gluten-free flour choices that are usually accessible and out there at quite a lot of grocery shops. With the rise of sure therapeutic diets, there are much more specialty choices now to experiment with.

It may be trickier to swap a few of these flours into wheat flour recipes or gluten-free flour recipes, so it’s greatest to strive a examined recipe that has been designed to make use of them.


Able to dive into gluten-free baking?

In it you can see all these gluten-free flours (and extra) plus we share our go-to gluten-free flour mix recipe, in addition to a couple of further gluten-free recipes to get you began.

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