Cracked Tooth: Signs, Sorts, and Remedies

When you expertise a cracked tooth, you possibly can have such signs from ache once you chew meals to ache and sensitivity when your tooth is uncovered to sizzling or chilly temperatures. When you suppose you’ll have a crack in your tooth, you will need to see a dentist as quickly as potential. The sooner the crack is identified, the extra doubtless it’s treatable and might be prevented from additional spreading. On this article, you’ll study in regards to the signs of a cracked tooth, its causes, the various kinds of cracks that will happen in a tooth, and what therapy choices a dentist recommends to repair it.

What are the signs?

The signs of a cracked tooth can differ relying on the kind of crack and the way extreme it’s. Typically, it could possibly exist with none signs and also you don’t even understand you’ve gotten one. However this isn’t all the time true. The primary signs embody: 

  • Ache when chewing or biting. The ache might come and go and is particularly felt throughout chewing and biting on one thing. You’ll be able to discover that once you chew down and launch your chew.
  • Sensitivity to sizzling or chilly temperatures or sweets. Relying on the extent of the crack and whether or not the pulp of your tooth is uncovered, it’s possible you’ll expertise sensitivity. This tingling sensation of sensitivity might seem like a pointy nerve response which might be accompanied by a throbbing ache. Sensitivity happens when you eat or drink sizzling or chilly meals and drinks in addition to with consuming sweets.
  • Intermittent ache. The ache related to a cracked tooth is hardly a steady one. The ache comes and goes and is triggered by biting or with warmth or chilly temperatures, as we mentioned. Nonetheless, it’s possible you’ll even have this intermittent ache with none triggers or stress in your tooth relying on how a lot the pulp is uncovered and broken.
  • Swelling of the gum. Gum swelling is a symptom of an underlying an infection in your tooth. Because of the crack, micro organism have penetrated the pulp. Your dental pulp has turn out to be contaminated, so you’ll have swelling within the gum across the affected tooth.

What are the causes of a cracked tooth?

Cracks or fractures in a tooth might be the results of many threat elements. They might seem abruptly or because of gradual put on and tear. Listed below are the primary causes of cracking in a tooth:

  • Biting down on arduous meals, ice, or arduous objects  
  • Tooth grinding habits or bruxism—which is the ordinary jaw clenching and grinding enamel at night time
  • Traumatic accidents to the mouth and enamel which might happen throughout an surprising fall, a automotive accident, or a sports activities exercise
  • Consuming or consuming one thing extraordinarily sizzling or chilly which causes a sudden temperature change within the mouth and thus cracking of a tooth
  • Age, through which enamel can put on down and the enamel will turn out to be extra inclined to damage, resulting in cracked enamel in older people

What are the forms of tooth cracks?

There are various kinds of fractures or cracks that happen in a tooth. Dentists will usually classify cracked enamel as observe:

Craze traces (hairline cracks)

These are small and shallow cracks within the outer enamel of the tooth. They’re painless and they aren’t a explanation for concern. Nonetheless, relying on its dimension, the crack generally is a website the place plaque accumulates leading to staining or decay.

Therapy is often not required, however beauty dentistry can improve the looks. Your dentist can polish it away or disguise the imperfection utilizing frequent therapies like bonding or porcelain veneers.

Cracked tooth

This can be a crack that extends vertically from the chewing floor down. The crack nonetheless hasn’t separated the tooth into items, but when not handled, it could possibly progress.

If the crack hasn’t reached the gum line however it’s affecting the pulp, it may be treatable. Nonetheless, if the crack extends under the gum line and into the foundation, the tooth can’t be saved and should should be extracted.

Cut up tooth

As soon as the cracked tooth extends under the gum line, it might trigger the tooth to be separated into two components. That is when a break up tooth has occurred, which is commonly much less more likely to save the tooth.

However relying on the scale and place of the crack, your dentist might deal with the broken portion of the tooth and assist restore it with endodontic therapy.

Fractured cusp

A fractured cusp is when a part of the chewing floor (cusp) of a tooth breaks off and chips. This can be a crack that more often than not happens round a dental filling, which might be repaired with a brand new filling or dental crown.

You don’t often really feel ache as fractured cusp barely damages the pulp—the smooth tissue inside a tooth with nerves and blood vessels.

Vertical root fracture

Any such crack begins under the gum line from the foundation of the tooth and extends up towards the higher a part of the tooth. It might first present no signs and go unnoticed. However the contaminated tooth may cause signs of an infection like swelling within the surrounding gum and the bone.

Therapy for cracked enamel

Your dentist or endodontist will advocate the therapy for you based mostly on the sort, location, and severity of the crack in your tooth. Therapy for a cracked tooth might be a number of of the next:

Composite bonding

is the least invasive and the simplest therapy through which your dentist restores the tooth utilizing composite resin. The tooth-colored composite materials is used to fill and seal the crack. Moreover, if any components of the tooth is chipped and damaged, the composite bonding fills and reshapes it again to regular operate.


A might be positioned over your cracked tooth to guard it. They’re fabricated from robust supplies like porcelain or steel, permitting to supply most safety on a cracked or chipped tooth.

The method of getting a crown can take some weeks. Your dentist ought to first put together your tooth and take an impression of your enamel to ship it to the dental lab the place your personalized crown is made. That is all finished within the preliminary appointment.

You then wait 2 to three weeks till the crown is able to be positioned. In your second appointment, the dentist will cement the crown over your tooth.


A is a skinny, tooth-like protecting that’s hooked up to the entrance floor of a tooth that has some defects on it. Porcelain veneers are a beauty possibility for when the crack is minor solely affecting seen entrance enamel.

So, if you’re cosmetically involved about your look, have a excessive stain-resistant characteristic and a natural-looking look to offer you a stunning smile that lasts for years.

Root canal

If the crack extends into the pulp of your tooth, your dentist or an endodontist might want to do a to stop additional weakening and worsening of the tooth.

Root canal includes elimination of the broken pulp. It’s a crucial process to clear your tooth out of an infection and keep away from critical dental points like a . Your dentist will then almost certainly cap the tooth with a crown or restore it with a filling.


Lastly, in case your tooth is so badly fractured in a means that it can’t be saved, eradicating it’s the solely possibility. Your dentist will extract the tooth, let the world heal, and place a in case you like. Implants final a lifetime and assist enhance your oral and dental well being significantly.


It is very important see your dentist after you have a . If left untreated, cracks can result in critical dental issues. Extra fracture, an infection, and in the end the lack of a tooth are all potential outcomes.

Bear in mind to have a superb dental hygiene apply to guard your enamel towards decay, cavities, and naturally cracks. Though a cracked tooth is a typical dental subject, you possibly can assist keep away from it from occurring within the first place. Be certain that your smile and enamel are more healthy and safer by avoiding arduous meals, reducing down on sweets, and, if you’re a enamel grinder, sporting a mouthguard.

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