9 incredible Poppy seeds nutrition facts and health benefits

Selection and storage

Fresh whole or ground poppy seeds can be readily available in grocery stores. The seeds are high in polyunsaturated fats, which make them vulnerable to oxidation and turn rancid. Therefore, buy good quality whole fresh seeds from the authentic store.

Store seeds poppy in a cool, dry, dark place, in airtight containers where they will stay fresh for up to six months.

Preparation and serving method

Poppy seeds are one of the favorite items in many cuisines. They add a special nutty flavor to the recipes. Their flavor is somewhat augmented by roasting them in a pan under mild heat. Gentle frying releases special aromatic essential oils in the seeds and enhances crunchiness.

Here are some serving methods:

Poppy, in general, is used either in the form of whole seeds, ground or as thick or thin paste in recipes.

  • In the same way as , poppy too sprinkled over toasts, bread, seafood.

  • In India and Pakistan where its seeds are popular as khus khus (खुस खुस), gently fried poppy ground in a mixer to prepare a thin paste which then added as a thickening agent in dips, curries, and sweet dishes.

  • In South India, poppy seed milk is used to prepare sweet recipes popular as khus khus payasam with added milk, milk, , and sugar.

  • In Central Europe, especially in Austria and Hungary, the seeds are used in s a popular sweet pastry dish like Strudel and Germknodel.

  • The seeds are widely employed in confectionery like stuffing, rolls, bagels, sweet bread, biscuits, and cakes.

Safety profile

Allergic incidences of Poppy seeds are rare. They can be used safely even in pregnant women and children.

Sports personnel, however, need to keep in mind that they may test false positives when consuming food items containing poppy seeds for banned opiate substances like morphine, codeine, etc. However, these compounds may not be high enough to produce narcotic drug side effects.

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