What Is Sorghum? Diet, Well being Advantages, & Methods To Use It


Sorghum is a wholesome complete grain filled with fiber, protein, and a wide range of micronutrients.

It grows in crimson, bronze, yellow, tan, white, or black clusters atop stalks all through the so-called “sorghum belt” of the U.S.—a line of states stretching from South Dakota to Texas. In reality, although it’s not all the time a daily menu merchandise or home-cooked facet, extra sorghum is grown in america than in some other nation.

That mentioned, this plant originated in Northern Africa, the place its roots stretch again (actually and figuratively) to eight,000 B.C. Together with meals like amaranth, quinoa, and chia, its prolonged historical past earns sorghum the title of an “historical” grain. 

By no means tried sorghum? You’re in for a nutty, earthy, chewy deal with. The person grains could be cooked to create a facet dish very like quinoa (although they do take longer to melt up). You may drop sorghum into soups and stews, pack it into burger-like patties, or use it as the bottom of a tasty grain bowl.

Sorghum is naturally gluten-free, so it’s an incredible selection for individuals with hassle digesting gluten. Moreover its versatility as an on a regular basis meals, sorghum can also be used to make sorghum molasses, some alcohols, and livestock feed.

The opposite bonus: sorghum’s sustainability. It’s extraordinarily environment friendly at utilizing daylight and water, which makes it tolerant to drought and helps preserve pure sources. The Nationwide Sorghum Producers have even trademarked it as The Useful resource Conserving Crop™. 


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