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Most people have only three expectations of their body shape.

  • To become thin and slim - fat loss
  • To become stronger and more powerful - muscle building
  • Shape, have a sense of line - muscle gain and fat loss muscle gain and fat loss ...

So no matter who asks me how to work out, usually what you want to know is actually how to gain muscle and lose fat well

Whether it's muscle gain or fat loss, it's essentially a question of energy level. You need to focus on two areas.

  • Total daily energy intake "diet, intravenous
  • Total daily energy consumption "physiological metabolism (including life-sustaining activities, physiological activities, body temperature, etc.), exercise metabolism

If your energy intake is greater than your energy consumption and you have a certain caloric surplus, then the body is mainly in a state of muscle gain and fat gain.

If your energy intake is less than your energy consumption, there is a certain caloric deficit, then the human body is mainly in the state of muscle loss and fat loss.

And usually, we can affect only two things: diet, exercise.

If you eat a lot every day, move very little, the energy intake is greater than the energy consumed, and still want to lose weight, then

Some friends always ask me, "Is it true that people who work out can't eat burgers and drink Coke?"

I want to tell you is that no matter what food you eat, you have to focus on the total daily energy. The more fit people are, the less they feel the burden of eating the so-called "junk food" (except for fat loss and race preparation, of course).

They know more about monitoring their daily energy intake and consumption, more about how much of the three major nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats) they eat, and more about how to organize their training.

In other words, they know more about how much they eat and how much they move every day.

In addition, you need to understand that muscle gain and fat loss are related to energy, some views online.

  • The more you sweat, the more fat you lose
  • Do more stretching to lose weight