Straightforward Wasp Nest Elimination (no hurt!)

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The right way to safely take away a wasp nest with no hurt to those vital pollinators, no danger of stings to you, and no poison!

Over time, I’ve shared many protected, various strategies for pest management in and across the residence.

Wasps, nevertheless, have been all the time a tough drawback for me to resolve.

Whereas getting a eradicated wasp nests from porch railings and hidden inside bushes, a number of massive wasp nests nonetheless pop up in the course of the spring and summer time months.

They often seem beneath the eves of the home, effectively out of attain of my feathered buddies!

Eradicating these nests has all the time been a difficult state of affairs for a number of causes.

Wasps are Crucial Pollinators and Predators

Wasps are essential pollinators within the meals chain.

And, since I’ve a big backyard as do a lot of my neighbors, preserving pollinators for the neighborhood is essential!

Apart from pollination duties, wasps additionally cut back the inhabitants of pests that may plague meals crops similar to caterpillars and whiteflies. Within the case of caterpillars, they accomplish this by laying parasitic eggs contained in the caterpillar.

As meat eaters, wasps additionally cut back the inhabitants of different nuisance bugs. Even a small wasp colony can eat as much as 3,000 flies, mosquitos, and spiders per day as a protein supply.

In brief, it’s not okay to kill wasps within the majority of circumstances.

Discovering a approach to transfer them similar to you’d do with a honeybee colony present in your storage is a a lot better method for each you and the atmosphere!

Poison is a Non-Starter

I haven’t ever used poison to take away wasps, nor would I ever name a pest management firm to carry out this service both.

Poison not solely kills them, which is counterproductive to the ecosystem as described above, however it is usually a poisonous endeavor for the house owner.

Wasps generally construct nests beneath the eves of a house. This can be in shut proximity to home windows, the place poisonous fumes can achieve entry to the inside of the house.

Simply say no to poison relating to eliminating wasp nests!

Danger of A number of Stings

When you’ve realized that killing the wasps shouldn’t be best, then the subsequent factor that’s of concern is the excessive danger of getting stung in the course of the wasp nest removing course of.

In different phrases, if you happen to’re within the “don’t kill the wasps” camp, merely flattening the nest so that they have to hunt greener pastures elsewhere is dangerous enterprise.

In contrast to honeybees, which solely sting you as soon as, a single wasp can inflict a number of stings straight away.

This could occur by thick clothes like a pair of denims too!

I’ve been identified to take a brush, knock down a wasp nest within the early morning when exercise is low, after which run as quick as I can into the home. 😂

I’ve had so many wasp stings over time that I’ve actually misplaced rely. This is my go-to remedy to keep away from swelling and a doable allergic response.

After all, now that I’ve a , I can placed on my beekeeper swimsuit for such a process. That looks as if overkill, at the least to me although!

Wasps Rapidly Rebuild Close by

One other drawback with the “knock down the nest” methodology is that the wasps can rapidly construct a brand new nest close by.

So, whilst you reach eradicating one nest, you haven’t succeeded in any respect in deterring the wasps from taking on residence below one other roofing edge, eve or overhang as shut as a number of yards away!

Thus, simply flattening the nest is a vicious circle that by no means actually ends.

Greatest Method to Take away a Wasp Nest

The excellent news is that there’s a simple methodology that each preserves the wasps, prevents you from getting stung, AND encourages the wasps to construct a brand new nest far-off from your own home.

This method is what I name the “brown paper bag” methodology for wasp removing, for lack of a greater title.

You see, wasps are extremely territorial.

So, in the event that they see a mega-hive close by, the residents of the smaller hive are going to skedaddle for greener pastures elsewhere.

As you’ll be able to see from the image beneath, this quite massive wasp nest emptied out in a rush at my residence! As soon as the wasps are gone, you’ll be able to safely take away the nest with no poison and no danger of stings!

Brown Paper Bag Technique

All you could punk the wasps into transferring to a different location that isn’t close to your own home is to hold a brown paper bag inside a number of toes of the nest.

The brown paper bag is a pretend nest that triggers alarm within the wasps to rapidly vacate the premises.

So long as you aren’t disturbing the prevailing nest, there’s little danger of getting stung. I recommend hanging it throughout occasions of low nest exercise similar to early morning or nightfall.

If you happen to don’t have a brown paper bag useful (grocery store variations work nice), then a protracted piece of brown paper that comes as a part of the packing materials for deliveries is an effective substitute.

Forms of Wasps Affected

This methodology works for social wasps that dwell in colonies. In my space of the nation, that may primarily embrace paper wasps as proven within the photograph above.

The brown bag method additionally works for northern paper wasps that construct sturdier nests with the larvae cells utterly enclosed.

Word that this methodology is ineffective for solitary wasps that construct particular person nests similar to thread-waisted wasps.


Merely form a brown paper bag along with your arms in order that it appears like an enormous wasp nest.

Then, connect it beneath a roofing edge close by.

The method of the wasps leaving the outdated nest and rebuilding a ways away can take wherever from a number of days to a few weeks.

Climate Impacts Effectiveness

The one problem to the effectiveness of this methodology is the climate.

If it rains, then the brown paper bag turns into a soggy mess and falls down. So, you should definitely gauge when you should have a dry spell of at the least a number of days. A full two weeks is finest.

Additionally, you will need to take care to position the bag in a spot the place the morning dew received’t dampen it, doubtlessly inflicting it to disintegrate.

The right way to Know When the Wasps Have Moved

As soon as the wasps are gone, you’ll be able to safely knock down the outdated nest with none danger to your self or the wasps (who’re lengthy gone residing elsewhere anyway).

Early morning and late night are the least energetic occasions for wasps.

Thus, the center of the day is one of the best time of day to test for any residual colony exercise.

When you see no exercise for a day or two, then the coast is evident to take away the outdated nest because the wasps are safely homesteading elsewhere.

Have you ever tried the brown paper bag method for eradicating a wasp nest? Let me learn about your outcomes!

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