Do that summit assault hill exercise to enhance your hill-running approach


One of many greatest errors runners make throughout races is stress-free an excessive amount of on the high of hills. Hills are robust, and it’s tempting to offer your self a little bit of a break when you lastly attain the summit of a very tough climb. However runners who can push via the burning of their quads will reap rewards. This exercise–aptly named the summit assault exercise–will enable you practise doing simply that, and switch you right into a beast on the hills.

The summit assault hill exercise

All runners decelerate after they hit a hill. Specialists and coaches usually suggest that you just decelerate, specializing in sustaining the identical effort, somewhat than the identical tempo, that you just have been operating on the flats. What’s necessary in a race, nevertheless, is that while you attain the highest, you get again onto your flat-ground tempo as shortly as you may.

Uphill running on trails

Many runners, nevertheless, decelerate on the high of a hill. They attain the summit, relieved that they’ve lastly gotten to the highest, and take their foot off the gasoline to appease the burning of their quads. Whereas it is a utterly comprehensible response, you’ll profit way more from doing the alternative.

As an alternative, you must preserve pushing on the similar effort that you just have been placing out through the climb, so that you just get again into your pre-hill tempo. Sure, this implies pushing via the burning in your quads, however you’ll be shocked to seek out that the burning will ease up, even whereas operating at a faster tempo. You’ll additionally be capable to carry your coronary heart price again right down to a extra manageable degree simply as shortly as for those who’d slowed down.

Why do that? In the end, it’ll end in a quicker ending time, and for the extra aggressive runners on the market, you’d be amazed at how many individuals you may go on the high of a hill. However as with something, this takes a little bit of apply. 

Maddy Kelly running up hills
Picture: Instagram/madeleinekels

The exercise

To do that exercise, you’ll want a hill that takes about 45 seconds to a minute to get to the highest, adopted by an extended flat part. The objective for every hill repeat is to run exhausting to the highest, then lengthen your stride as you attain the summit and speed up for about 15 seconds. This may enable you practise making that hill-to-flat transition. Jog down for restoration.

Warmup: 10 minutes’ simple jog, adopted by kind drills

Exercise: 6-10 x the hill + flat, with a straightforward jog again down for restoration

Cooldown: 10 minutes’ simple jog


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