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What’s PrEP?

PrEP stands for pre-exposure prophylaxis, and it’s a medicine that may defend you from HIV.

How properly does PrEP work?

PrEP can decrease the danger of getting HIV from intercourse by almost 99%, and from sharing injection drug tools by greater than 70%.

Can ladies take PrEP?

Is PrEP just for males? Nope! Two PrEP drugs are authorised to be used by ladies, individuals assigned feminine at start and anybody who could have receptive vaginal intercourse (similar to some transgender males or nonbinary individuals). Solely individuals who know they’re HIV-negative can safely use PrEP.

PrEP choices for ladies and individuals who have receptive vaginal intercourse

  • Truvada (or a generic equal), a capsule that’s taken by mouth each day
  • Apretude, a shot that’s taken each 2 months

How do I exploit PrEP?

Speak to your healthcare supplier (HCP), who can prescribe PrEP after providing you with a check to ensure you don’t have HIV.

Collectively, you and your HCP can determine which type of PrEP is best for you, primarily based in your way of life and well being wants.

  • Oral PrEP
    • Take a capsule each day as directed and go to your HCP each few months for follow-up care, refills and checks.
  • Injectable PrEP pictures
    • See your HCP each two months to your shot, in addition to follow-up care and checks.

What are the unwanted effects of PrEP?

Unintended effects of oral PrEP could embrace upset abdomen, diarrhea, complications and tiredness. For injectable PrEP, ache on the injection website can also be widespread. These unwanted effects often go away over time.

Can I exploit PrEP whereas pregnant?

Oral PrEP is protected for ladies to make use of whereas pregnant or breastfeeding. The security of injectable PrEP in people who find themselves pregnant or breastfeeding has not been studied but.

Why ought to ladies think about PrEP?

PrEP is a protected and efficient prevention software for people who find themselves at excessive threat for HIV.

PrEP can be utilized with hormonal contraception or hormone remedy (together with each feminizing and masculinizing therapies), since there are not any identified interactions between these drugs. This implies which you could proceed safely taking hormones whereas taking PrEP.

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