3 workout routines for unshakeable knee power


Whereas most runners know that working gained’t harm their knees (and are most likely sick of non-runners telling them that it does), many athletes nonetheless expertise some knee soreness, typically when returning to working after a while away. Knee ache often isn’t long-lasting, and will be attributable to quite a lot of issues, together with ramping up mileage too rapidly or biomechanical points. Attempt these easy leg strengtheners to eradicate achy knees and stop overuse accidents.

woman runner with stroller doing lunges

Straight leg raises

This strengthens the quads, serving to to stabilize the knee joint and scale back the stress on the knee. Robust quads will higher help and shield the knee throughout working.

Lie in your again with one leg straight and the opposite bent at a 90-degree angle.

Tighten your quads (entrance thigh muscle mass) on the straight leg and elevate your leg to about 45 levels, maintaining your toes pointed up. Decrease your leg again down and repeat. Goal for 10 leg raises on either side to begin, however add or lower repetitions


Lunges goal the quads, hamstrings and glutes and assist with steadiness and stability. They assist strengthen the knee joint and enhance coordination, invaluable for harm prevention and navigation within the difficult terrain of winter.

Stand along with your ft hip-width aside.

Take a step ahead with one leg and decrease your physique till each knees are at a 90-degree angle, hovering the again knee simply above the bottom.

Push off the entrance foot to return to the beginning place and repeat with the opposite leg. Goal for 5 to 10 repeats to begin. You possibly can construct resistance by including units, or by holding weights when you turn into comfy.

Single-leg mini squat

This train mimics the motions of working, participating all the foremost muscle teams concerned in working to construct power and stability. It additionally challenges steadiness and construct proprioception, serving to to enhance total stability and scale back the chance of accidents.

Start by standing on one leg along with your knee barely bent. Maintain your chest up, shoulders again and core engaged for steadiness.

Slowly decrease your physique by bending the knee of the leg you’re standing on, imagining that you simply’re sitting again in a chair. Maintain your again straight, and go as little as you possibly can (doesn’t have to be far!) whereas sustaining management.

Maintain for a couple of seconds to problem your steadiness and stability, after which push via the heel of the standing leg to return to the beginning place. Attempt five-10 reps on either side to begin.

It’s essential to notice that in case your knees are extraordinarily painful and swollen, or if the discomfort lasts various days, it’s best to seek the advice of a medical practitioner to rule out any pre-existing circumstances or accidents.


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